Why do travel lovers
love Brussels tourism?

I have a confession...

When my family and I made our first Brussels tourism plans, we knew very little about this corner of the world.

We were familiar with Paris, London and Amsterdam - some of Europe's most popular travel destinations. But who goes to Brussels Belgium?

And why?

Turns out that a lot of folks do.

And for a great many reasons. Reasons like Belgium chocolate, the spectacular Grand Place, and the many historical sites like the Waterloo Battlefield.

In fact, more and more travel lovers are making Brussels tourism plans and discovering all this city has to offer.

Unlike her louder, more flamboyant sister European cities, Brussels is somewhat reserved.

She waits patiently for you to catch her eyes. Then she romances you with her rich history, beautiful culture, gourmet cuisine and distinctive attractions.

And before you know it, your heart is won and you fall in love with her.