Join The Great Belgian Waffle Hunt

In our quest to help you find the perfect Belgian waffle, the is conducting an ongoing 'Great Belgian Waffle Hunt'. We want to help you find the best of these delectable treats and stay away from the not-so-great ones!

We'll ask friends and others (maybe you?) to taste and compare various waffles and share your opinion and rate your findings.

Reviews will contain photos, personal opinions, prices and the address and name of the shop where the waffles was purchased.

Want to participate? Let us know via our contact page and we'll send you instructions on how you can submit your information!

Quest #1: Frank's Waffle Hunt

Belgian waffle Our friend, Frank, conducted his 'tasting hunt' on a sunny autumn afternoon in the Grand Place. Frank decided to taste plain waffles rather than those with toppings. Below are Frank's reviews and ratings.

Island Ice Cream
Address: Marche aux Herbes #85
Price: 1.80 euros
Comments: "This waffle tastes like it has powdered sugar in it. Very sweet, less doughy than others tasted, not cooked as long. My favorite of the three."
Rating: * * * * *

Belgian waffle

Australian Ice Cream
Address: Rue de la Colline #2
Price: 1.80 euros
Comments: "Has a more syrupy sweetness to it as well as a fried taste. More doughy than the first. Runs a very close second."
Rating: * * * *

Cappucino & Baguette Shop
Address: Rue de la Colline #15
Price: 1.50 euros
Comments: "Not nearly as good as the others - even with powdered sugar on it. Tastes like it has been out for a few hours. Dry and stale."
Rating: *

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Quest #2: Jeff's Waffle Hunt

Belgian waffle From time to time, when I'm out and about doing research for this website, your's truly (the publisher of will participate in the 'Great Belgian Waffle Hunt'. But unlike Frank (above), I won't be sampling three waffles at once!

On a recent overcast afternoon, I was down at the Grand Place researching Belgian chocolate (another tough assignment for this website!) and I stopped in at the Aroma Cafe (pictured at left) for a quick bite to eat. For dessert, I chose a warm Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

See my review and rating below.

Aroma Cafe Shop
Address: Grand Place (between 'El Greco' and the 'tapestry shop')
Price: 3.50 euros
Comments: "Up until today, I'd only treated myself to Belgian waffles fresh off the iron with no toppings. I decided to throw caution to the cool Belgian wind and pull out the stops. So I ordered chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top of my hot waffle.

Belgian waffle

After ordering, I took my sandwich and coffee upstairs and found a seat where I could window gaze while eating. Just as I was finishing my sandwich (were they watching by remote camera?) the waitress brought my waffle.

At first, I was afraid it had been sitting out a while because the whipped cream was melted. But then I realized that was because the waffle was so hot. They seemed to be stingy with the chocolate sauce, but after I finished the waffle there was a puddle of chocolate sauce on the plate - so there was plenty of sauce after all.

The waffle itself was just the right texture, warm, chewy and 'yeasty' - everything a Belgian waffle should be. Although the whipped cream seemed a bit over the top to me, combined with the chocolate sauce and the waffle, the three components blended into a tasty and satisfying treat. Personally, I could have shared with the waffle with my wife - a bit too much for me. And I should have held onto some of my coffee because it made me thirsty. But I must say, it was good!"
Rating: * * * *

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