Cafe-Tasse Offers Great Chocolate
and Great Gift Selections

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Café-Tasse is one of our favorite places to visit when we're in downtown Brussels. We love the ambience of the store, the simple yet old-fashioned packaging and the fact that you can enjoy a hot drink in the upstairs cafe area.

We talked with the clerk at Café-Tasse recently and asked her some questions about the company. She told us that while most Belgian chocolate companies are famous for their handmade pralines (individual chocolates), Café-Tasse was one of the first to take famous Belgian chocolate and present it in other forms.

For example, the company offers a variety of products including nougat, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and a range of chocolate bars flavored with tea, nougat, orange and coffee. Café-Tasse also offers their own brand of cocoa powder and hot chocolate (laced with such flavors as cinnamon, honey, cherry and more).

We do enjoy the cafe atmosphere upstairs where you can order great cappucinos, teas, hot chocolates and coffees and receive sample packets of Café-Tasse products (a smart marketing move on their part!)

Cafe Tasse Hot Chocolate

The cozy store and cafe are warmly lit, cheerily decorated and reminiscent of an old farm store dangling tantalizing treats every where you look.

Apart from the fact that Café-Tasse chocolate is wonderful, we love their gift-giving ideas. Step into the store and you'll be hard-pressed not to find something for everyone on your shopping list:
* Café-Tasse mugs filled with hot chocolate mixes
* Small burlap bags filled with chocolate-covered coffee beans
* Thin red tins filled with small chocolate squares (the tins make great pencil boxes too!)
Belgium Chocolate Cafe Tasse nougat * Ribbon-topped cellophane-wrapped bags full of a variety of mini Café-Tasse chocolate bars.
* A variety of gift baskets filled with Café-Tasse products.
* Or you can put assemble your own gifts and they'll wrap for you. One thing we like to do is choose 3-5 of their regular size chocolate bars and wrap them Café-Tasse-style.

And one of the great things about giving Café-Tasse chocolate for gifts is that the shelf-life is longer than fresh Belgian pralines, which are optimally fresh for 30 days.

You can find the Café-Tasse store near the Grand Place by walking north from the Grand Place on Rue de la Colline (past the souvenir shops and the Australian Ice Cream Shop). Take a left on rue du Marché aux Herbes and walk down to #15 on your left.