Technopolis Brings Science To Life


If you're planing a fun family day in Brussels, we recommend adding Technopolis to your itinerary. We've taken our son and his friends there many times and they never tire of the excitement that science brings to life.

Technopolis What is Technopolis?
An initiative of the Flemish government, Technoplis is a hands-on science 'park' for children, where they can participate - and learn from - 280 interactive exhibits.

Here, kids (and adults) can ride a bicycle 5 meters in the air, lay on a bed of nails and even fly an airplane (all safely of course!) You can test your running speed against various animals, lift a car and challenge yourself with tricky brainteasers.

The mission at this wonder park is 'Bringing science and technology to the people'. And bring it they do.

Each year, some 250,000 guests visit the science park for a half-day of fun and learning. The center is comprised of two large floors of activities, a Children's Science Center for 4-8 year olds, and an outdoor activity area. The center also features a restaurant and gift shop with plenty of science-related toys, games and experiments to take home. Perfect for families, kids' birthday parties and school groups.


What Is There To Do?
Regular exhibits and activities at Technopolis are categorized into 11 different areas:
1. Air and wind: allows you to land an aircraft and launch a hot-air balloon.
2. Structures: Build a bridge or have a computer take your picture and predict what you will look like in the future!
3. Water: Get your hands wet with bubbles and balls.
4. House: Be a magician and lay down on a bed of nails.
5. Invisible: A hair-raising experience with static electricity.
6. Workshop: Show your strength by lifting heavy objects.
7. Action/Reaction: Take a ride on a bike - 15 meters in the air.
8. Science Garden: Cross over the bridge without falling.
9. Children's Science Center: Science fun for 4-8 year olds.
10. Grossology: Learn all the gross things about the human body.
11. From Head to Bone: A 3D theatre experience which teaches you about the human body.

Technopolis Address
O 4° 28' 12"
N 51° 00' 09"

Contact Numbers
tel. +32 (0) 15 34 20 00
fax +32 (0) 15 34 20 01

Getting There:
This attraction is easy to get to by car, train, bus or bike. For directions, click here.

Opening hours
Open daily from 09.30 to 17.00, except on the 1st of January and the 25th of December and during the first complete working week of September (from Monday until Friday).

Technopolis brochure

Adults and children age 12 years and older: € 9,50
Children (3 and 11): € 7.00
Seniors (55+) € 8.50
Disabled adults: € 8.50
Disabled children: € 5.50
Children under 3 years old: Free

Family Tickets:
1 adult + 2 children: € 22.00
2 adults + 2 children: € 30.00
Every extra child: € 6.00

Combination tickets:
Technopolis offers group rates to groups of 15 or more.Call for more information.

To download a free Technopolis brochure like the one at the right, click here.