Belgium Food is World Famous

Belgian Beer, Delirium

Belgian Beer
Belgium is world famous for many things not the least of which is its beer. In an interview with Brussels Walks tour guide Jan Dorpmans, the Brussels-Belgium-Travel-Guide takes you behind the scenes of Belgium's love affair with the brew in Belgian Beer

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Belgian chocolate

Belgian Chocolate
What's the story behind Belgian chocolate? How did chocolate become such a vibrant part of the Belgian economy? Who are the major players? And what makes Belgian chocolate 'Belgian'?

The Brussels-Belgium-Travel-Guide offers this section to answer these questions and more about the wonderful world of Belgian chocolate. No matter how brief your visit to Belgium , you'll want to experience Belgian chocolate. We'll tell you how to do just that in Belgian Chocolate

We'll also tell you how to make delectable Belgian chocolate truffles in your very own home kitchen in Belgian Truffles

Belgian Fries
You can find authentic Belgian fries at sidewalk stands, along 'Pita Alley' near the Grand Place, and in most Belgian restaurants. Called 'frites' in Belgium, they're always served fresh and hot (very hot!) and often in paper cones with sauce on the side. More in: Belgian Fries

Belgian waffle

Belgian Waffles
Enjoying warm, doughy Belgian waffles is just one of the pleasures of visiting Belgium.

If you've never had one of these authentic Belgian delicacies, then you're in for a treat. Prepared from a yeast-leavened batter, these waffles are lighter and more crisp than other waffle varieties.

Served warm by vendors on the street or from small kiosks in stores, these Belgian treats are often enjoyed fresh from the iron or covered in whipped cream, fresh fruit or chocolate.

In our Belgian Waffle Guide we conduct 'The Great Belgian Waffle Hunt', offer Belgian Waffle recipes and links to where you can purchase a Belgian waffle maker...all in: Belgian Waffles

Brussels cooking classes

Brussels Cooking Classes
There's no better way to get to know a culture than through its food. For some, that just means dining out at restaurants. For others, that means learning the art of local cooking so they can take it home with them.

With our Brussels Cooking Classes page, we offer interviews and stories on cooking schools in Brussels which feature Belgium food as well as other culiary styles. Most schools offer short and long-term options so if you're here for just a few days, you can choose your class, book ahead and enjoy a unique experience in a Brussels Cooking Class.


Speculoos Cookie
If Belgium has a national cookie (or biscuit as the English say) it is the Speculoos. Originally created for children to celebrate Saint Nicholas day, the treat is now so popular it is served with coffee in bars and restaurants, used as a flavor in specialty ice creams, and has even inspired a Speculoos butter. We'll tell you more in Speculoos

Brussels Restaurants
We are very pleased to announce that the Brussels Belgium Travel Guide has entered a partnership agreement with 'MyTable', one of the largest online restaurant-booking portals in Europe.

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