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Leonidas is nothing if not prolific. You can find a Leonidas chocolate shop within walking distance of just about anywhere in Brussels. While their chocolate is 'machine-made' rather than 'hand-made', it is still very good and one of the more popular Belgian chocolate companies among everyday Belgians.

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We've just completed an interview about Leonidas Chocolate with Florine Langeveld of the Leonida's Marketing & Communications department. You'll find that interview below.

We've also assembled a list of 58 Leonida's shop addresses and phone numbers below as well.

Finally, we have link to Amazon.com pages where you can purchase Leonidas chocolate if you aren't near a Leonidas location.


Join Us For An Interview about Leonidas

We recently completed an interview with Florine Langeveld, with the Leonidas marketing and communications department. Below is the interview with our questions in bold and Florine's answers following.

BBTG: Can you give me some history about the origin and growth of Leonidas?

Florine: In 1910 Leonidas Kestekides, a confectioner in the United States, traveled to Belgium for the first time to show his confectionery goods. He immediately met with great success thanks to the quality of his products.

The young Greek attended the 1910 World Fair in Brussels and the 1913 World Fair in Ghent as a member of the Greek delegation from the United States.

He was awarded the bronze medal and the gold medal, respectively, for his chocolate confectionery and his patisserie.

Having won great professional recognition and having also fallen in love with a beautiful young girl from Brussels (whom he later married) Leonidas decided to settle permanently in Belgium.He opened tea-rooms in Brussels, Ghent and Blankenberge.

1935: In his ‘laboratoire’ on Marché Aux Grains, Basile Kestekides, the founder's nephew succeeded the founder and created a whole range of new chocolates, including the well-known ‘Manon’ of Leonidas.

With this range of new chocolates, Basile took up the torch of the company and incorporated the logo of an effigy of the king of Sparta, Leonidas, in honour of his uncle.

The master-confectioner sold his freshly made chocolates from the open window of his shop in Boulevard Anspach, with the goods displayed in the shop window where passers-by could see them. The revolutionary concept of what came to be known as the ‘guillotine-window’ shop was an immediate success. Since then, Leonidas chocolates have enjoyed a reputation that has been steadily growing.

The founder’s dream, perpetuated by his successors, was to make these Belgian chocolates available to everyone without lowering standards.

The Leonidas Manon perfectly illustrates this will to democratize: the innovatory idea was to replace the traditional fondant sugar coating with white chocolate and the walnut with a grilled hazelnut. Very soon the Leonidas Manon with white chocolate and a grilled hazelnut became the kingpin of the Leonidas range.

1970: Leonidas became a limited company in 1970.

Alexandros Kestekidis came to Belgium in 1940 and he and Basile worked together developing different flavours using praliné and chocolate.

Alexandros Kestekidis continued to take an interest in the company and in the flavours of the pralines until the end of his chairmanship in 1998.

The family-run company refines and creates its recipes for a clientele that by now has expanded far beyond Belgian borders.Leonidas’ expansion is seamless as the company remains vigilant and continues to guarantee freshness in the products it sells to its customers.

In 1983 and 1993, Leonidas opened two new factories to satisfy the demand from its loyal and ever-increasing clientele.

At the dawn of the 21st century, Leonidas chocolates were on sale in 40 different countries in the world through a network of some 1,400 sales outlets from Paris to Rome, from Sydney to Tokyo, from Brussels to New York.

Today, the name Leonidas has come to stand for the quintessential Belgian chocolate. To the Belgians certainly, but also to chocolate gourmets and gourmands all over the world, who are enjoying the Belgian Leonidas chocolates across the five continents.

What else is interesting about Leonidas Chocolate?
Florein: In 2004, there was a well-publicized “National Brands competition” organised by the LDV advertising agency, and its partners. The basis for the competition was very simple: a list of the leading brands in each sector, from cars to washing powder was drawn up. A panel of consumers (25,252 as it happens) were then asked to express their likes and dislikes, choosing their preferred brand in each category. In the “Chocolates” category, there was only one winner: Leonidas chocolates.51.7% of consumers consider Leonidas to be and remain the most popular chocolate in Belgium. The National Brands Competition is organised every year, over the Internet, attracting an ever younger section of consumers, who clearly love Leonidas chocolates, just as much their parents do.

Is it true that Leonidas chocolate is machine-made rather than hand-made?
Florine: Yes

How much chocolate does Leonidas sell each year?
Florine: More then you can eat!!

What makes Leonidas different from other Belgian chocolatiers?
Florine: Its freshness!!!! Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates. They are always made according to traditional methods, using only the finest ingredients. 100% pure cocoa butter for the coating. Natural ingredients like fresh butter, fresh cream. And delicacies such as hazelnuts from Turkey, Morello cherries from the Périgord, almonds from Italy and walnuts from Grenoble. In short, the finest ingredients the world has to offer. We have also made use of the latest technology to guarantee that freshness, quality and safety even further. Leonidas has introduced the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system.

What are some of the most popular Leonidas chocolate products?
Florine: Manon, Manon Café, Gianduja, Dressé Noisette. Our Manon Blanc and Manon Blanc Café are still the most popular chocolates.

What Leonidas products have been for sale the longest?
Florine: They include the: Manon,Bûche pralinée, Cerise emballée,Noisette masquée, Princesse, Antoinette, Eve, Carré croquant,Tosca, Alexandre Le Grand, Louise, Gianduja, Europe, Fraise massepain, Ganache, Désirée, Poésie, Lingotsand Merveilleux.

Tell us about some of the newer Leonidas chocolate products.
Florine: We now have the 'vintage Mickey box'. The most famous mouse in the world is making an understated entrance into the Leonidas chocolate world, with all the credit due to his status! A lovely round box with the image of the icon Mickey Mouse, specially designed by Leonidas, is now available containing 16 pralines (240g of chocolates) each featuring Mickey Mouse’s face. These pralines come as an assortment of 4x4 flavours, each one even more delicious than the last (milk chocolate with crème caramel, white praline with biscuit crunch centre, marbled praline with meringue pieces and fondant ganache praline). With its vintage appearance, this new box should immediately appeal to customers looking for a special gift or for a treat for themselves. Furthermore, the way the box opens will not fail to please as you have to pull Mickey’s tail through his shorts to open the lid – surprising and playful at the same time!

How many Leonidas shops are there in Belgium? In the rest of the world?
Florine: There are 350 shops in Belgium and and almost 1500 throughout the world in over 50 countries.

Does Leonidas offer tours of its facility?
No! Top Secret!

Is Leonidas privately-owned or publicly owned?
Leonidas is privately owned by the family of its founder.

Who invents new products at Leonidas and where do they get their inspiration?
Florine: We have 2 master chocolatiers and a wonderful product development team who work hard every day creating new flavours to keep surprising our cutomers. Their inspiration (is found in) everyday life, new trends, … look around you, inspiration is everywhere!

If you'd like to purchase Leonidas Chocolate but you don't live in Belgium, you can buy it by clicking our link to Amazon.com below!



Leonidas Chocolate Shop Directory

Leonidas Anspach
Bd. Anspach 46
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/218 03 63

Leonidas Fripiers
Rue des Fripiers 17
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/223 17 45

Leonidas Beurre
Rue au Beurre 34
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/512 87 37

Leonidas Colline
Rue de la Coline 7
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 513 26 23

Leonidas Gare Centrale
Carrefour de l'europe 2
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/5025464

Leonidas Adolphe Max
Bld. Adolphe Max 49-51
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/217 95 55

Leonidas Ravenstein
Galerie Ravenstein
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/514.03.49

Leonidas Sablon
Place du grand Sablon 41
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/513 14 66

Leonidas Rogier
Métro Rogier
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/201 06 84

Leonidas Midi
Métro Midi
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/520.65.48

Confiserie Madou
Tour Madou
chaussée de Louvain 3
1210 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 217 59 54

Leonidas Stassart
Chausée d'Ixelles 5
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/511 11 51

Leonidas Louise
Métro Louise
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/534.32.86

Leonidas Waterloo
Chaussée de Waterloo 153
Tel: 02/538 32 76

Leonidas Schuman
Métro Schuman
1040 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/230.53.46

Leonidas Wayez
Rue Wayez 140
1070 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/522 59 13

Confiserie Thalie
rue Marie-Christine 203
1020 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 426 01 94

Leonidas Jette
Place Reine Astrid 11
1090 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/426 33 00

La Chasse
Avenue d'Auderghem 360
1040 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 646 61 96

Leonidas Tongres
Rue des Tongres 32-34
Tel: 02/736 84 08

Leonidas Bascule
Bascule Shopping Center 14
1180 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/345 34 46

Confiserie Café Crème
Westland Shopping
Boulevard Sylvain Dupuis
1070 Bruxelles

Leonidas Woluwe
Av. Georges Henri 379
1200 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/732 78 05

Café Crème
Drève olympique 15
1070 Bruxelles

Hot Chocolate IXL
Chaussée de Boondael 451
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 026442119

Confiserie Délice
Keizer Karellaan 560
1082 Berchem-Ste-Agathe
Tel: 02 465 83 58

Leonidas Uccle
Rue Xavier De Bue 35
1180 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/346 06 82

Au Panier de Pralines
boulevard du Souverain
1160 Auderghem
Tel: 02/6609986

Leonidas Kraainem
Wezembeeklaan 114
1950 Kraainem
Tel: 02/767 05 62

Leonidas St-Pieters-Leeuw
Maxi GB
Steenweg naar Bergen
1600 Sint Pieters Lieuw
Tel: 02/376.84.50

Confiserie Godelieve
Prinsenstraat 6
1850 Grimbergen
Tel: 02 305 40 01

Chocolaterie Verbeke
close to airport
Vilvoordelaan 83
1930 Zaventem
Tel: 02/306 4710

Leonidas Vilvoorde
Leuvensestraat, 46
1800 Vilvoorde
Tel: 02/251 11 30

Confiserie Candy-Mary
Brusselstraat 28
1740 Ternat
Tel:02 582 83 05

Confiserie Lysan
Steenweg naar Halle 54
1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
Tel: 0032/2 3582882

Confiserie De Meulemeester
Bloklaan 1516
1730 Asse
Tel: 02 452 57 22

Confiserie Pralido
Henri Caronstraat 20
1560 Hoeilaart
Tel: (0032) (0)2 6573100

Confiserie Terelka
3080 Tervueren
Tel: (0032) (0)2 6881888

3090 Overijse

Leuvensesteenweg 453
3070 Kortenberg
Tel: 02 759 94 01

Confiserie Liliane
Markt 8
1750 Lennik
Tel: 02 532 55 70

Boulangerie Gunther
Langensteenweg 69
1785 Merchtem
Tel: 052 37 19 38

Confiserie Basiliek
Basiliekstraat 116
1500 Halle
Tel: 02 356 24 98

Confiserie Ann
Mechelsestraat 40
1840 Londerzeel
Tel: 052 30 15 36

Confiserie Masson
rue du Serment 18
1420 Braine-L'Alleud
Tel: 02 385 05 02

Opperstraat 100
1770 Liedekerke
Tel: 053 68 17 00

Confiserie Mousset
rue de Mons 39
1480 Tubize
Tel: 02 355 82 21

Confiserie Sabine
Hogeweg 62
9320 Erembodegem
Tel: 053 77 02 74

Kredes NV
Grote Markt 25
2800 Mechelen
Tel: 0032 (0) 15 20 24 83

Confiserie LEONIE
Onze Lieve Vrouwstraat 14
9280 Lebbeke
Tel: 052 41 20 99

Confiserie Jacobs BVBA
Beverstraat 21
9400 Ninove
Tel: 054 33 75 72

Confiserie Nell
Herestraat 49 - UZ Leuven
3000 Leuven
Tel: 016/203801

Confiserie De Vries
Dendermondsesteenweg 23
2830 Willebroek
Tel: 03 886 56 60

SPRL Piette-Dimarco
rue des Brasseries 26
1300 Wavre
Tel: 010 22 32 62

De Meulemeester BVBA
Lange Zoutstraat 37
9300 Aalst
Tel: 053 77 08 91

Confiserie Sjokotof
Stationstraat 27
3150 Haacht
Tel: 016 60 48 90

Confiserie Lelie
Stationstraat 29
9450 Haaltert
Tel: 053 83 88 44

Confiserie Tjokolateke
Brusselsestraat 18
3000 Leuven
Tel: 016 22 35 67