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Planete Chocolat

One of the things we love about Belgian Chocolate is discovering the fact that Belgian chocolatiers treat their work as an art form. No where is that more evident than at Planete Chocolat, just off the Grand Place on Rue du Lombard #24.

Planete Chocolat specializes in the artistry of chocolate, the whimsical, and sharing their knowledge with others through demonstrations and workshops.

"We are avant-garde", says owner Abdelhak Menouni, "choosing to make products ranging from the antique to the modern."

At their shop, you'll find traditional Belgian chocolate pralines inspired by rice, coconut and coffee fillings. But you'll also find new inventions such as the bubblegum-infused chocolate praline, twists on tastes such as chocolate flavored with ginger or black tea, and truffles with green tea and pistachio.

If your sweetheart likes flowers AND chocolate, then you might want to pick up a 'Bouquet de Fleurs', an original collection of 12 chocolate flowers in as many flavors including violet, cinnamon and everything in-between.
Designed by Belgian Veronique Bourgns, the'Bouquet de Fleurs' not only make a grand entrance for any occassion, they keep for up to a year.

Planete Chocolat

"Design is important to us," says Menouni. "People buy with their eyes. So we sell our products in a family of warm colors as well as package chocolates in transparent bags so customers can see what they are buying."

And there's more: Planete Chocolate offers Shakespeare-inspired Romeo and Juliet faces in chocolate; card games; an array of cookies (almond, Earl Grey, lemon, chocolate chip); and even chocolate numbers - great for birthday and anniversary cakes.

The company prides itself on manufacturing chocolate with no chemicals by chocolatiers who have 6-7 years experience. "We're the biggest artisanal (handmade) chocolatier in Belgium," says Menouni. "We make 25-30 tons of handmade chocolate per year while the large companies may make one ton per hour by machine."
Planete Chocolat One area that Planete Chocolat really specializes in is in the art of demonstrations and workshops. In fact, they host thousands of visitors a year from all over the world in their workshop and demonstration areas.

"Thirty-five percent of our guests don't even know where chocolate originates," says Menouni. "We take them through the chocolate-making process from start to finish, give them an opportunity to ask questions and enjoy chocolate samples."

The company books demonstration sessions for tours and also offers one-hour demonstrations for walk-ins on Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00 (7 euros, offered in 2-3 languages, reservations NOT required). The demonstration area, housed in the shop near the Grand Place, is decorated in company colors, warm lighting and comfortable seating for up to 100 guests.

The workshop is located adjacent to the demonstration area where guests can peer into employees making pralines.

Planete Chocolat

If desired, guests can book a spot in the workshop and get hands-on experience in making their own pralines. In fact, some companies and universities send their employees or students to the workshops to promote team-building by learning the art of chocolate-making.

In keeping with its theme of 'Simply Different', Planete Chocolat customizes chocolate corporate logos for companies looking for an original gift.

Planete Chocolat If you're looking for a different chocolate experience, the Brussels-Belgium-Travel-Guide recommends a visit to Planete Chocolat. Plan your trip around a weekend and plan your day on the Grand Place to attend a weekend demonstration where you can experience Belgian chocolate by learning, tasting and seeing.

1. Go to Grand Place
2. Walk down Rue Charles Buis (to the left of the Hotel DeVille)
3. Continue straight on Rue de l'Etuve
4. Turn right on Rue du Lombard. Shop is on your right.

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10h-18h30
Sunday: 11h -18h30

Contact Information:
Rue du Lombard 24 - 1000 Bruxelles
Tel :32(0) 2 511 07 55
Fax : 32 (0) 2 512 13 05
E-mail: [email protected]

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