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On this page, you'll find find information about Belgium that will help you plan your trip here. There's a lot to know about this country and here, we hit the highlights including weather, time, currency and news.

We also offer information on some of the local customs and facts, holidays and even info on the Belgian flag and languages. And we've also included pages featuring Brussels photos and videos to help convince you to visit soon.

There's a lot to learn about Belgium so keep checking back as we add more pages!

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Belgium weather map Belgium Weather
"What's the weather like?" is a common question when planning a trip to another part of the world. It rains a lot in Belgium so it's helpful to check the weather before going out so you can dress appropriately and grab that umbrella if necessary.

For general information about weather in Belgium and links to sites with weather forecasts visit Belgium Weather.

Brussels time zone map

Brussels Time
"What time is it in Brussels?" is another question you'll want answered before coming here - especially if you want to make phone calls between here and home. Here, we have information and links about Brussels Time.

Belgium News
If you want to know what's going on in Belgium, you might want to check up on the latest Belgium news. The easiest way to do that is the internet. We've found some great English-speaking websites that deliver appropriate content for expats and tourists alike.
See Belgium News

Brussels photos

Brussels Photos
We love to get out and about to take Brussels photos. This page is dedicated to the beautiful, historical, and whimsical images to be found in Brussels. We hope our photos inspire you to visit Brussels and take your own great Brussels photos

Brussels Videos

Brussels Videos
We've searched You Tube for Brussels videos that we think you will enjoy viewing. Whether you are planning a trip to the Capital of Europe, reminiscing about a past trip, or just longing to be near to the heart of all that makes Brussels special, we hope you find enjoy these Brussels Videos

Cool Facts on Belgium
What famous musical instrument was invented by a Belgian? The country of Belgium is known around the world for producing more _______ books than any other country? How many tons of chocolate do Belgian chocolate companies produce each year?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at Cool Facts on Belgium

Belgium Facts
This page features Belgium Facts by Numbers and Belgium Facts by Superlatives (more, most, only, deepest and more to come). Belgium households have the highest per capita rate of what? Belgium has the world's deepest what? Find out the answers to these questions and more at Belgium Facts

Belgian flag

The Belgian Flag
What inspired the colors and design of the Belgian flag? What neighboring country of Belgium shares the same colors in their flag? Where can you buy a Belgian Flag? For answers to these questions visit Belgian Flag.

Belgium currency, euros

Belgian Currency is the Euro
If you're traveling to Brussels, you'll want to know about the Belgian currency. Quite simply, it's the Euro and easy to make the switch from dollars, pounds and other international currencies. We cover the denominations of the Euro, the best way to get Euros in Belgium and what to do if you lose your wallet in Belgian Currency.

map of Belgium

Need A Map of Belgium?
Our About Belgium section would be incomplete without Belgium map information . Wondering how Belgium is divided politically? Want to know how close Belgium is to other European countries? Or what Belgium looks like from space? We've assembled links to maps of Belgium with this information. Plus there's a map to help you locate regions, cities and even streets in

Maps of Belgium.

2012 Belgium Holidays

2012 Belgium Holidays
Find out the schedule for 2012 Belgium holidays as well as information to help you plan your trip around major holidays in
2012 Belgium Holidays.

Belgium language

Belgium Language
Get the lowdown on Belgium languages, find out how many official languages there are, which Belgians are more likely to be bi-lingual, and why so many in Brussels speak English in Belgium language.

European Union
Member States

Brussels is often called the 'Capital of Europe' because the city is the headquarters of the European Union. Belgium is just one of 27 European Union member states. What other countries are European Union Member States?

Christmas market in Brussels Christmas In Belgium
How do you celebrate Christmas Belgian-style? What's the difference between the December 6 celebration and the December 25 celebration?

For information about all of this plus the annual Brussels Christmas market, ice skating rink and decorations on the Grand Place see Christmas in Brussels.

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