Belgium Trains Will Get You There

Belgium trains

Traveling by Belgium trains - or any other European train line - is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the country.

If you're coming from another location in Europe such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam or practically anywhere, you can get to Brussels by connecting with the vast train network throughout Europe. Once you arrive in Brussels, you can get to your accommodations from the Brussels train station via metro, tram, bus, taxi or possibly even by foot.

Belgium trains also provide quick and affordable transportation within the country from Brussels to destinations such as Brugges, Antwerp, Liege, the Ardennes or even nearby Waterloo.

To find out more about the Belgium train system, to explore travel options, prices and even book your own ticket online, go to the national Belgium train website

Belgium trains

Or, if you are interested in traveling by train to and from Belgium from other parts of Europe, see the site.

Finally, if plan on traveling through multiple European destinations, you might want to check out the Eurail website Even if your trip to Brussels is by airplane or car, we would encourage you to take a trip by train. Whether it's a brief trip to Brugges or a jaunt down to Paris, a trip by train is one of the best ways to see what you'll never see by air or car.

So, travel by train and experience the beauty of Belgium.

Train Tips

Below are some tips to help plan your train travel.

1. If you want to save money, purchase your Eurail Pass before leaving the US/Canada.

2. Seat reservations within the Belgian train network are available only for groups of 15 passengers or more.

3. A well-designed train network connects Belgium's most popular cities. You can purchase a national or European-wide pass at the major train stations in Belgium. Belgium trains 4. The price of a round trip ticket is generally double the price of a one way ticket. The one way trip or the outward trip of a return trip ticket must be made on the date shown on the ticket.

5. If you are traveling within Belgium and you have bought a general ticket (allowing you to travel at any time of day), it's best to check the schedule at the station. In general, trains leave every half hour from and to all major Belgian cities. The first train is usually around 5 AM and the last one around 11 PM.

TIP: Just to be sure, when getting on the train we always ask someone if we are on the right train. Generally, someone will speak enough english to help you. It's better to ask than end up on the wrong train headed in the wrong direction...which we have done more than once!

Belgium trains

6. If there are not ticket-sale facilities at the departure station, you can buy your ticket from the on-board train crew, without extra charges. Find them before you board so they don't think you are trying to 'hop' the train. If you buy your ticket from the crew at a station where there is a ticket counter, there might be an extra charge. Don't try to ride for free...if caught, you'll pay a hefty fine.

7. One way to save money is to buy a ticket for ten single journeys. Right now, you can get such a ticket for 16 euros. The normal price would be twice that.

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