Look For This Grand Place
Good Luck Tradition

Brussels Grand Place statue

This Grand Place good luck tradition is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

As you face the Hotel de Ville (the building with the tower on it), walk to the left onto Rue Charles Buls. Immediately on your left you will see the statue pictured above.

Symbolizing Everhard 't Serclaes, the Brussels hero, it is said you will be fortunate if you rub his elbow. (Watch long enough and you'll see plenty of tourists do so.)

't Serclaes rescued Brussels in 1356 by climbing the city walls and putting the Duke of Brabant flag on the Town Hall. He was elected alderman five times afterwards but was cowardly murdered in 1388 by the lord of Gaasbeek. The hero's death was avenged by a mob from Brussels who destroyed the castle of Gaasbeek.

Given the fact that t' Serclaes met an untimely death, we're not sure what kind of 'good fortune' rubbing this statue is supposed to bring. But hey, it can't hurt!

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