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Waterloo Belgium

Waterloo Belgium is just a short short bus, train or car trip south of Brussels. If you want to see where Napolean 'met his Waterloo', then this is the place. The famous village of Waterloo lent its name to the battle that decided the course of European history nearly 200 years ago in 1815.

But there's more to do in Waterloo than see the battlefield.

Below you'll find links to Waterloo hotels, our favorite Waterloo restaurants, frite shops and ice cream stands as well as the Wellington Museum, a 1000-year-old 'must-see' Abbey, and of course, all the attractions surrounding the battlefield.

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How To Get To Waterloo Belgium
To get to Waterloo you can take the train from one of three Brussels stations (Midi, Central or North) to Waterloo.

Once you arrive at the station, you can wait for a 'W' bus to take you into town or to the battlefield, or you can turn right out of the station, left on Rue de la Station and walk to the center of town in less than 15 minutes. From the center, you can walk to restaurants and shopping areas downtown, and take buses to the attractions.

Butte du Lion

Waterloo Attractions
Waterloo attractions are one of the most popular reasons travelers and tourists come to Brussels. Located just south of Brussels, Waterloo highlights include The Wellington Musueum, St. Joseph's Church and multiple battlefield attractions.

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Waterloo Hotels
Waterloo offers several three and four star hotel options. From the quaint neighborhood Le Joli Bois and the well-known Ibis brand to the more upscale Grand Hotel and Le Cote Vert, you can find moderately-priced accommodations that put you near great Waterloo restaurants, shopping and attractions.

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Waterloo Restaurants
Restaurants abound in Waterloo. In addition to typical Belgian fare, there are restaurants offering Asian, Mexican, Italian, cafe-style and even the good old American hamburger.

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Waterloo Shopping
You can 'shop 'til you drop' in Waterloo. With three mini shopping malls in downtown Waterloo, a number of shops lining the main street (Chaussee de Waterloo) and at least three large grocery stores, you can find pretty much anything you need in Waterloo - including Belgian chocolate offered by Neuhaus and Leonidas.

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