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Brussels travel

Brussels travel is made easy with multiple options including Brussels Airlines, cheap flights to Belgium, Belgium trains and getting there by car.

It's also easy because of that age-old real estate adage: location, location, location.

Often called, 'The Crossroads of Europe," Brussels, Belgium is conveniently located between France, Germany and the Netherlands, making it easy to get to other popular cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Germany and Luxembourg.

A well-developed transportation hub, you can fly or train into Brussels and either rent a car or travel by train and get virtually anywhere you want to in Brussels or Belgium, or for that matter in Europe.

That's what makes Brussels the perfect place from which to base your European trip. It’s right in the middle of Europe’s most popular travel destinations.

'Getting There' offers you pages of information on Brussels Airlines, flights to Brussels, cheap flights to Belgium, Belgium trains, and Eurorail trains.

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Brussels airlines

Take Brussels Airlines
Formerly known as SN Brussels Airlines, Brussels Airlines offers more choices of flights to and from Brussels than any other airline company.
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Ryan Air cheap flights to Belgium

Enjoy Brussels Travel with Cheap Flights To Belgium & Ryanair Flights
If you're looking for a cheap flight to Belgium there are several options we recommend in
Cheap Flights to Belgium
Ryanair Flights

Belgium Thalys Eurostar trains

Belgium Trains
A Belgium train will get you there too. See the beautiful European countryside on your way to the Capital of Europe in Belgium Trains.

Brussels signs

Getting There By Car
If you're coming by car, there are just a few major highway arteries coming into Brussels. Those include highways coming from Paris, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.
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Take A Ferry from the UK to Belgium!
Bring your car with you to Belgium and explore both inside and outside of Brussels. Take day trips to Brugges, Antwerp, Bastogne and other nearby cities just a short drive away. The journey begins on a ferry.
Travel By Ferry

Brussels map

Need A Map of Brussels?
If you travel like us, you like to have maps with you to help get you where you're going. We've compiled a list of places on the internet where you can find free Brussels maps, sites that offer free directions and route planners, and even some sites that sell hard copies of Brussels maps.
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Getting to Brussels, Belgium has never been easier. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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