Getting Around
With Brussels Transportation

Brussels transportation

No matter where you need to go in Brussels, there's a way to get there.

A well-developed Brussels transportation system, both public and private, offers safe, convenient and affordable alternatives to fit your needs.

A network of metros, trams and buses weaves throughout the city to get you to tourist attractions, hotels and other points of interest. Both taxis and car rentals are plentiful in Brussels.

And if you prefer to tour around the city, there are bus tours and walking tours to acquaint you with the Capital of Europe.

Click here to learn more about the Brussels Grand Place Guide.

Go Underground, Take the Tram, Board the Bus
Brussels metro sign The public Brussels transportation system is an integrated network of metros, trams, and buses. Depending on where you need to go, you may use one, two or all three systems to get you there. Learn more about how the system works in
Go Underground.

Brussels taxi

Getting Around with Taxis and Rental Cars
Of course, if you prefer to be more independent you can get your own wheels by hailing a Brussels taxi or by getting a Brussels car rental.

Taxis are plentiful around the city and can be found at key points such as airports, train stations or at one of the many taxi stands around the city. More info here about

Brussels Taxis.

If you want to rent a car, it's best to arrange that before you come to Brussels in order to ensure you have a car waiting for you. Most hotels offer parking and there are a number of public parking garages available near the main tourist areas. More here about Brussels rentals.

Brussels tour bus

Take A Tour
You can also get around Brussels by taking a city bus tour, or a walking tour. These are great introductions to the city, enabling you to get an understanding of the city and then choose the sites at which you'd like to spend more time. More here about City Bus Tours. and Guided Walking Tours.

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