Experience the Magnificent Grand Place

Archduchess Isabella, describing the Grand Place in September, 1599:
"Never have I seen something so beautiful and exquisite as the town square of the city where the town hall rises up into the sky."

Grand Place in Brussels

Without a doubt, we agree with the Archduchess. The Grand Place is one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe.

In fact, we recommend that you visit the awe-inspiring landmark as soon as you get to Brussels to get your bearings on Belgian architecture, food, art, products and joie de vivre (France isn't the only country that knows how to enjoy life)!

We also recommend that you visit the Place during the day as well as the evening. A daytime visit allows you take in the architectural details of the buildings and grasp the breadth and scope of the Place. Visit in the evening and you'll enjoy the Place glowing in gold and white lights. Trust us - it's worth visiting at least twice.

This section features some of the joys of the Place, and the surrounding walking streets filled with restaurants, Belgian chocolate shops, museums, hotels, tapestry and lace shops, special events and other surprises along the way.

With pages dedicated to attractions, chocolate, restaurants and shopping, we hope to acquaint you - and entice you - with the wonderful delights of the most beatiful town square in Europe.

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Grand Place Godvia

Enjoy Grand Place Attractions
There are quite a variety of things to experience in the Place. You can see the famous Mannekin Pis (pictured at right), have your photo taken with a famous statue near the Place, and visit museums such as the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. There are often grand exhibits to see such as the amazing Flower Carpet comprised of 800,000 begonias assembled on the Grand Place every other year. Attractions listed below feature things to do and see.

Mannekin Pis
Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate
Good Luck Tradition
Flower Carpet

Brussels restaurant near Grand Place

Cafes, Bars & Restaurants
This enchanting town square and its surrounding streets abound with great places to eat, drink and be merry. Several cafes, bars and restaurants are located right in the Place. Others are found on nearby streets. Below, you'll find features and reviews of our favorites. Bon appetit!

El Greco
Pita Alley
Aroma Cafe

Brussels Grand Place Pita Alley

On The Street
The Place and its surrounding streets are a real gathering place for people from all walks of life and from all over the world. From time to time, we'll conduct 'On The Street' interviews and post profiles of people we meet around there.

Meet Leveo The Street Violinist

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