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Welcome to our Brussels Cooking Classes page.

There's no better way to get to know a culture than through its food. For some, that just means dining out at restaurants. For others, that means learning the art of local cooking so they can take it home with them.

With our Brussels Cooking Classes page, we offer interviews and stories on cooking schools offered in Brussels. Most schools offer short and long-term options so if you're here for just a few days, you can choose your class, book ahead and enjoy a unique experience in a Brussels cooking class.

Not only will you get a cooking lesson, but you'll meet others interested in cooking (tourists and residents alike) and normally, once you've cooked, you get to eat what you've cooked!

Bon appetit!

Learn Belgian, French and Italian
Cooking at 'Cooking Time'

Below is our first Brussels Cooking Classes feature: an interview with Isabelle Heim de Balsac of 'Cooking Time'.

Brussels cooking classes, Cooking Time, Belgian food BBTG: How long has your cooking school been in existence?
Isabelle: 2 years (created mid May 07)

Are you Belgian?
Isabelle: No, French

BBTG: What are the different courses and classes you offer?
Isabelle: Cooking-Time offers a large range of cooking-classes from beginner to expert level, on the type of cooking (belgian, franch, italian, asian, mediterranean, fusion and living food with organic products, from 1/2 to 2 hours cooking time.

BBTG: What are the price ranges for the classes?
Isabelle: From 17 euros to 70 euros (and more for private and exclusive cooking classes)

BBTG: What makes Belgian food unique?
Isabelle: As a member of Slow Food, Cooking-Time is aware of the quality of ingredients and local products are used as much as possible. References of our suppliers are communicated to our customers, if needed. Belgian food is unique due to local producers awareness of quality.

BBTG: Do you offer classes for individuals as well as groups?
Isabelle: Yes, both.

BBTG: With the popularity of fast food and restaurants, is the art of cooking dying a slow death? Is your goal to keep it alive and if so, what are some things that you teach or stress in your classes that inspire people to want to cook for themselves?
Isabelle: The goal of our half-an-hour cooking class is to propose an easy way of cooking using a delicious recipe. Also, we use unusual ingredients, so that clients can discover new tastes. It is very important that recipes made during cooking class can be duplicated at home, so that people can appreciate a fresh taste (we use fresh ingredients, no preservatives, no frozen ingredients) and the whole family enjoy the dish.

Brussels cooking classes, Cooking Time, Belgian food

BBTG: What is unique about your company - what makes you different from other cooking schools and companies?
Isabelle: Small is beautiful! We offer a very high quality service to our clients. Each cooking class is adapted, in the formula, the choice of the recipes and of the "chef" to the needs and expectations of the client. Also, all of our chefs are professional and each of them is recognized for their skills.

BBTG: What languages do you teach in?
Isabelle: French, Dutch and English

BBTG: Do you promote your business to tourists and if so, what is the recommended course for tourists to take?
Isabelle: Yes we do! We recommedn the lunch time cooking class where they will meet people living or working in Brussels, so that they will have an approach of "Brusselaer" way of living.

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