Belgian Chocolatiers Offer
Chocolate Workshops and Demonstrations

There's no better place to enjoy chocolate demonstrations and chocolate workshops than in a Belgian chocolate shop. Not only do you get to learn about chocolate and see how chocolate is made, you get to taste it and sometimes, even make it yourself!

On your next visit to Brussels, book a Belgian chocolate demonstration or chocolate workshop for yourself, your friends and family, your work colleagues or your tour group. It's a great way to learn about one of the most famous products of Belgium.

Planete Chocolate
Planete Chocolat specializes in the art of workshops and demonstrations. The company host thousands of visitors a year from all over the world in their shop just off the Grand Place.

"Thirty-five percent of our guests don't even know where chocolate originates," says owner Abdelhak Menouni. "We take them through the chocolate-making process from start to finish, give them an opportunity to ask questions and enjoy chocolate samples."

The company books demonstration sessions for tours and also offers one-hour demonstrations for walk-ins on Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00 (7 euros, offered in 2-3 languages, reservations NOT required). The demonstration area, housed is decorated in company colors, warm lighting and comfortable seating for up to 100 guests.

The workshop is located adjacent to the demonstration area where guests can peer into employees making pralines. If desired, guests can book a spot in the workshop and get hands-on experience in making their own pralines. In fact, some companies and universities send their employees or students to the workshops to promote team-building by learning the art of chocolate-making.

More information at Planete Chocolate

Chocolaterie Duval
Chocolaterie Duval hosted 600 groups and some 22,000 visitors for chocolate demonstrations last year. Visitors learn about chocolate, watch the handmade production including tempering, preparation and filling the casts, demoulding and packing...and even tasting!

The company offers three different options:

One hour visit includes:
1. Welcome and workshop presentation
2. From cocoa to couverture chocolate
3. Personalised chocolate and mould design
4. Demonstration of praline production
5. Tasting and opportunity to purchase chocolate (credit cards welcome)

Two-Hour Workshop
Features all of the above plus: "Visitors are invited to become apprentice chocolate makers, rubbing shoulders with our employees for another hour or so to make any chocolates they fancy. Participants pour the chocolate into the moulds of their choosing, add decoration and pack them."

Wine & Chocolate Tasting
Chocolaterie Duval takes chocolate tasting to a new level by offering wine and chocolate tasting opportunities. With this offering, visitors receive a guided tour of the workshop, with a demonstration of production and tasting, as described above under standard visits. Then vistors enjoy a guided tasting of various wine/chocolate combinations. "We teach guests how to enjoy these wine and chocolate," says Mike Blavier, assistant director.

More information at Chocolaterie Duval