Feast Your Eyes On The
Grand Place Flower Carpet

If you've never seen the Grand Place Flower Carpet, you're in for a treat when once every two years, 800,000 flowers are transformed into a magical tapestry in the Brussels Grand Place.

Covering 3,200 square feet of the Grand Place's cobbled stone courtyard with a tapestry of brilliantly-colored begonias, the flower carpet shimmers in the sun, glistens in the rain and glows under evening lights, witnessed by thousands of visitors from Belgium and beyond.

This bi-annual Belgian wonder is scheduled over a Friday-Saturday-Sunday in mid-August on 'even' years (2006, 2008, etc.) Each evening, the flower carpet dances to the music of a noted conductor. The original show, cast in music, light and of course in flowers is staged on opening night and then rebroadcast each evening at 22:00, 22:30 and 23:00.

The carpet can be photographed and filmed from the ground floor of the Place (offering somewhat of a flat view) or for a small fee, from the balcony of the Town Hall, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Watch This!

We found the coolest video on You Tube about the 2006 Grand Place Flower Carpet. Produced by Rockwell Group, Spike and Jones and Radical Media, the video fast-forwards you through the three-day flower carpet exhibition morning, noon and night all in just over two minutes.

This video is a creative way to help promote a book entitled, 'Spectacle' by David Rockwell (with Bruce Mau), featuring visual essays that "celebrate the phenomenon and history of communal, awe-inspiring public performances worldwide."

As our 'thanks' to the producers of the video, we're listing the website where you can find more information about this book:http://www.spectaclethebook.com/

Enjoy the video!

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