Belgium Segway Tour Offers
Unique Views of Brussels and Antwerp

Belgium Segway Tour offers the up-close-and-personal sight-seeing that a walking tour gives as well as the comfort of riding on wheels like a bus tour. It's the best of both worlds and available in both Brussels and Antwerp.

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According to Lionel Majorovic, co-owner of company, "The Segway is an electrical two-wheeler that you ride upright, inclining your body to the direction in which you want to go. The machine takes care of maintaining your balance by detecting the way that you’re leaning. In other words, to go forward or backward, you just have to lean forward or backward. Hold yourself straight up and the machine will stop."

After a brief training session on the Segway, you join a group of nine others on one of three two-hour tours per day. Tours are guided by a Segway professional offering an interesting mixture of the city's innovations, its historical opulence and quaint picturesque places.

In Brussels, the 17 monuments and sites featured include: The Grand Place, Manneken Pis, medieval fortifications, the Sablon art quarters, the Royal Palace,and the Comic Book Museum, Museum of Musical Instruments and Contemporary Art Museum.

Belgium Segway tours, Brussels tours

In Antwerp, 17 monuments and sites are also featured including: The Steen, Loodswezen, Eilandje, Museum Aan de Stroom, the marina, the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Grand Place, Bourla Theatre and the Fashion Museum. The tour also includes sites related to the famous Antwerp painter Peter Paul Rubens including: the Rockox house, Place Conscience and its beautiful baroque Saint Charles-Borromée Church, Notre Dame Cathedral and even Rubens's own hone.  

The Segway offers ecological 'green' advantages as well as a user-friendly way to see the city from a different view: street-side. For those who can't - or prefer not to - walk great distances, and for those who want to see sights in places where buses can't go, a Segway offers a perfect alternative.

"The Segway allows curious tourists and locals to visit the city from a different point of view," says Lionel. "Guests simply follow the guide over the two-hour seven-kilometer route through modern districts as well as picturesque lanes redolent with history. And it’s fun!"
Brussels Segway Tours The company makes their tours available to those 16 years of age and older. Tours meet in front of the Tourism Office on the Grand Places of both Brussels and Antwerp. Each participant is provided with a safety helmet and a fluorescent vest.

For specific information regarding prices and booking, see their website at: Belgium Segway Tour

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